Bruno Fernandes Accident Car: Photos of Bruno Fernandes’ Accident Car

Bruno Fernandes of Manchester United comes away uninjured after crashing his £90,000 Porsche the day before his team’s match against Liverpool.

The second car landed in a garden a few miles from United’s Carrington training site. The accident occurred only a few kilometers from Manchester United’s training facility.

The wrecked Porsche of Bruno Fernandes can be seen in footage from the site. The midfielder was unharmed, and none of the other men were hurt.

Fernandes is due to train this evening as scheduled.

After an incident with his Porsche outside the club’s training facility in Carrington, midfielder Fernandes, 27, was unharmed and is expected to train as usual today.

It’s also thought that none of the other people involved in the crash were hurt.

The £90,000 automobile was damaged on the driver’s side, and two cars were plainly wrecked on the tight route, according to photos from the site.

The second vehicle, a Volkswagen, looks to have collided with a fence, with the driver’s door now ajar. The asphalt was also littered with debris.

The crash also resulted in injuries to emergency personnel.

Below are Photos of Bruno Fernandes’ Accident Car


Bruno Fernandes was previously photographed in his Porsche.



Bruno Fernandes and Some Emergency crew at the scence

 Bruno Fernandes and Some Emergency crew at the scene



On the scene, emergency crews are pictured.


Bruno Fernandes Porches collision with the Volkswagen

Bruno Fernandes car crash

Bruno Fernandes Picture a Far at the scene


A Picture Taken On The Same Road Shows The Player Standing At The Scene.

The player can be seen standing at the site in a photo taken on the same road.

Fernandes is seen standing on the side of the road with his destroyed luxury car in front of him in another shot shared on social media.

At a pre-match press conference, this afternoon, interim United manager Ralf Rangnick is expected to discuss the player’s status.

Fernandez’s accident occurred the day before his team’s Premier League match against Liverpool.

Since joining Sporting Lisbon in January 2020, he has made a significant contribution to the team, scoring 49 goals in 120 games.

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