Calvin Faucher is a professional baseball player for the Tampa Bay Rays in the United States. Calvin Faucher went to the University of California, Irvine for his education (Irvine, California).

Calvin Faucher, a 2010 10th-round draft pick out of UC-Irvine, was selected by the Twins in the 10th round. He soon signed and returned to Elizabethton for the summer.

He was drafted in the 10th round of the 2017 MLB draft by the Twins and signed on June 17, 2017. P Calvin Faucher has been activated by the Cedar Rapids Kernels.

From the Cedar Rapids Kernels, RHP Calvin Faucher was assigned to the Wichita Wind Surge. The Tampa Bay Rays acquired DH Nelson Cruz and RHP Calvin Faucher from the Minnesota Twins in exchange for RHP Drew Strotman and RHP Joe Ryan.

Calvin Faucher, a right-handed pitcher, has been activated by the Montgomery Biscuits. RHP Calvin Faucher was drafted by the Tampa Bay Rays from the Durham Bulls.

Calvin Faucher Contract

Calvin Faucher seems not to have any form of thorough contract information or details according to findings. However, he was signed and drafted by the Tampa Bay Rays in June 2017.

Calvin Faucher Salary

Calvin Faucher’s salary is not known or available. It seems he doesn’t even have base pay.

Calvin Faucher Net Worth

Calvin’s net worth is not fully established and he is not attached with any form of net worth value according to findings.


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