Cameron Norrie is a professional British tennis player. On 4 April 2022, he was ranked world No. 10 in singles and No. 123 in doubles, both career highs (on 23 August 2021).

He has won five singles championships on the ATP Tour, including a Masters 1000 at the 2021 Indian Wells Masters, and one double win. Since 18 October 2021, Norrie has been the British singles champion.

 Cameron Norrie and girlfriend Jacobi
Cameron Norrie and girlfriend Jacobi

Does Cameron Norrie Have a Wife?

Cameron Norrie is currently not married but he is dating Louise Jacobi.

Who is Louise Jacobi

It’s a well-known fact that tennis player Norrie has been dating the extremely successful Louise Jacobi, but the tennis star keeps his personal life a secret from the public.

Jacobi is the creator and director of Please Don’t Touch, an interior design firm based in New Zealand.

According to Jacobi, she is in charge of the entire company’s creative process, from product creation and design to marketing and sales.

She is particularly interested in creating high-end products for interior design companies and high-end fashion businesses.

Jacobi is also the founder of Studio Virgo, a luxury home and lifestyle accessory company. The design and products of Studio Virgo include elements of wellness to promote synergy between humans and nature.

According to Jacobi’s Instagram profile, Norrie and the interior designer have been dating for at least a few years.

The couple’s first photo was uploaded in 2020, although Jacobi said in a 2020 post commemorating Norrie’s birthday that he had “kept her entertained the last 365 days” indicating that the two had been dating for some time.



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