Santana, a Dominican-American professional baseball designated hitter and first baseman for the Kansas City Royals of Major League Baseball, was born in Santo Domingo. He has two brothers and five sisters.

When he was 15 years old, his parents filed for divorce. After the divorce, Santana and his sisters moved home with his mother, giving him the chance to play baseball while also serving as a father figure to his sisters.

He played baseball with his neighbors on a 5-on-5 basis, and they used baseball hats instead of bats. Santana got a $75,000 bonus after signing with the Los Angeles Dodgers and used some of it to help his mother purchase a home.

“Slamtana,” “Axeman,” and “El Oso” are some of Santana’s nicknames (“The Bear” in Spanish).

He has a quiet personality and is hesitant to brag about his accomplishments, preferring diverting credit to his colleagues.

Santana increased his batting average to a career-high in 2019 by hitting the ball in the other direction more often.

Carlos Santana Salary

Carlos Santana earns a base salary of $10,500,000 while carrying a total annual salary of $10,500,000.

How Much Does Carlos Santana Make?

$10,500,000 annually

The Kansas City Royals signed Carlos Santana to a two-year, $17,500,000 deal, with $17,500,000 guaranteed and an annual average salary of $8,750,000. Santana will be paid a base salary of $10,500,000 in 2022, as well as a total pay of $10,500,000.


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