Tony Dow’s first wife is Carol Marlow. Dow acknowledged that he had experienced clinical depression in the 1990s.

Since then, he has made cameos in self-help films that illustrate this struggle, such as 1998’s Beating the Blues.

Meet Carol Marlow’s Son Christopher Dow

Carol Marlow and her ex-husband Tony Dow are the parents of Christopher Dow who is an actor.

Christopher was born to his parents on March 15, 1973. Christopher made a cameo in the  1985 spinoff of Leave It to Beaver.

Apart from his sporadic appearances as Wally Cleaver, Christopher leads a quiet life and likes to avoid the spotlight of Hollywood.

Tony Dow, Christopher’s father, is best remembered for his appearances in the comedy series Leave It To Beaver.

He was the main character in the show for six years, from 1959 to 1963.

Dow began acting in the 1970s and starred in a number of television comedy while working in construction and studying journalism and cinema.

Christopher doesn’t seem to have spoken out frequently regarding his father’s medical treatment.

According to him, his father is in his “final hours” of life, as he reportedly confirmed to People.

His management team later removed the original announcement announcing Tony Dow’s passing and replaced it with an update noting that he is still in hospice.


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