Football, a game enjoyed by many around the globe. Oftentimes, it is said that it can unite and to some extent divide people. Football in Europe and some parts of the world means 10 players trying to get a ball in a pole by foot or head if possible.

Football however in North America happens to not be so as the style is way different from what is most widely known. This post talks about an American football team; Carolina Panthers starting lineup for 2021/2022.

Who are the Carolina Panthers?

The Carolina Panthers are an American professional football team that started in the year 1993 under its founder Jerry Richardson. They were the NFL’s 29th franchise. The team’s home stadium is the Bank of America Stadium in Uptown Charlotte but information from the team’s official website indicates that it intends on transitioning to Rock Hill.

Although the team joined the NFL franchise in 1993 they officially began to play in 1995. The team has its colors as black, panther blue, and silver. The Panthers have chalked some successes such as their 7-9 in 1995 when they started and 12-4 the following year.

Also, in the year 2003. they emerged winners of the NFC Championship Game. They have also had their fair share of bad seasons such as in 2010  when they ended a league with one of the worst records 2-14.

Why the name Carolina Panthers?

According to Mark; Jerry Richardson’s son, he said:  “it’s a name our family thought signifies what we thought a team should be—powerful, sleek and strong.”

Carolina Panthers Starting Lineup  2021/2022.

For every game of football, there are 11 players on each side and for each game, the starting 11 may be the same or there might be a few new faces. Here is a list of the regular Carolina Panthers Starting Lineup 2021/2022 ;

  • Cam Newton(QB)
  • Chuba Hubbard(RB)
  • Taylor Moton (OT)
  • Ian Thomas (TE)
  • Michael Jordan (G)
  • DJ Moore (WR1,2)
  • Robby Anderson (WR2,3)
  • John Miller (G)
  • Pat Elflein (G)
  • Brady Christensen (OT)
  • Brandon Zylstra (WR3)
  • Dennis Daley (G)
  • Sam Darnold (QB)
  • Sam Tecklenburg (C)
  • Cameron Irving (OT)
  • Christian McCaffrey (RB)

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