Cedric McMillan was a bodybuilder popular for winning the 2017 Arnold Classic competition. Cedric grew up in Maplewood in New Jersey where he was born on August 17, 1977. He also served as a U.S army instructor.

Cedric grew up looking up to Arnold Schwarzenegger as his idol.  He had so much passion for bodybuilding to the extent that, his mother had to buy him weight sets to train at home when he was around 13 years old.

Cedric McMillan Net Worth At Death 2022
Cedric McMillan Net Worth At Death 2022

After he completed his high school education, Cedric joined the US Army where he served as an instructor. Cedric won the 2007 NPC South Carolina heavyweight competition. In 2009, he earned his Pro Card which gave him some sort of recognition.

During 2017, Arnold Classic competition that was held in Ohio, Cedric got the chance to meet his idol, Arnold Schwarzenegger during the event. He was the winner of the competition.

Cedric McMillan was one of the leading bodybuilders in the world. He was also known to be a top open division bodybuilder who had 8 Pro wins and had often been a part of the top 5 on several occasions. He had one of the best bodybuilding physiques ever.

Cedric McMillan Net Worth At Death 2022

Cedric McMillan’s net worth has been estimated to be $7 million.


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