Christian Matheson is a politician with the Labour Party in the UK. On January 2, 1968, he was born in Warrington, England. He graduated from the London School of Economics with a degree in economics and politics after attending Manchester Grammar School and continuing his schooling there. In June 2013, he was chosen as the Labour Party’s candidate for the City of Chester’s parliamentary seat.

After the 2015 general election, he defeated Conservative Stephen Mosley for the seat in May 2015 with a majority of 93 votes, giving him the third-smallest majority of any parliamentary constituency in the UK. He joined the Commons Culture, Media, and Sport Committee in July 2015.

Following Matheson’s increase of his victory margin from 93 to 9,176, Chester became a safe seat in the 2017 election. With a majority of 6,164 votes in the 2019 election, he was able to keep his seat for a second time in a row despite the fact that both the Conservative Party and Labour received reduced voter share.

In response to allegations of “serious sexual misconduct,” the Independent Expert Panel recommended on October 21, 2022, that Matheson be suspended from the House of Commons for four weeks. He could be subject to legislative recall under the 2015 Recall of MPs Act. His support for the People’s Vote movement was unwavering.

Who is Chris Matheson’s Wife Katherine Matheson?

Chris Matheson is married to Katherine Matheson. The couple have kids together. Unfortunately, there is nothing else known about Katherine as she keeps a low profile.


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