Christy O BBNaija Husband: Is Christy O BBNaija Single or Married?

Big Brother Housemate Christy O

Christy O, whose given name is Christiana Oluwafunke Ojumu, is an entrepreneur in the beauty industry who operates a cosmetics business out of Ondo State. This outspoken model, who is only 24 years old, enjoys modeling in her spare time and is a firm believer in giving people a second opportunity.

She says that she is “funny, smart, and hardworking” and that you can most likely find her “where the fun is” on any given day. She also acknowledges that she is an extrovert. Christy O finds time to create poetry when she’s not spending time with her close pals going on hikes or having picnics.

Christy O BBNaija
Christy O BBNaija

“Because I’m a perfectionist, the end product almost never meets my expectations, particularly when it’s the result of someone else’s labor,” you might say.

She is also known to be combative and snarky, all of which are characteristics that have the potential to irritate her fellow housemates. Christy O is confident that she is the best candidate for the role despite all of these obstacles. “I am an expert when it comes to putting on a nice show.

The purpose of Big Brother Naija is to entertain, educate, and inspire creative expression. “I believe that’s something I might be really good at,” she says.

Christy O is prepared to bring positive energy, laughter, and amazing vibes to the House, but be careful what you say in front of her because she despises liars and will always tell it how it is.

Christy O BBNaija Husband: Is Christy O BBNaija Single or Married?

Christy O who is one of the housemates of Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) season 7 is reported to be in an amorous relationship. Nobody seems to know what her partner’s name is.

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