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Clara Elizabeth So Grandparents: Nancy L. Chlumsky and Frank Chlumsky

Clara Elizabeth So is the second daughter of Anna Chlumsky. Her birth was confirmed by a report for the 35-year-old Emmy-nominated Veep star.

Anna and her husband Shaun So welcomed daughter Clara Elizabeth So on Thursday, July 28. The couple’s new addition joins big sister Penelope Joan, 3.

Anna Chlumsky is an American actress who is known to have started her career at a very young age. In the middle of 1999 and 2005, she took a break from acting to focus on academic work.

She finally graduated with a degree in international studies and resumed acting after a period of working in a publishing company and a survey firm.

Her role in “My Girl(1991)” and its Sequel (My Girl 2) in 1994 shot her into fame. She has received a number of nominations and awards throughout her career.

In 1991, she won the “Best Kiss” award as well as “the Most Promising Young Newcomer” award for her role in ” My Girl”.

Clara Elizabeth So Grandparents: Nancy L. Chlumsky and Frank Chlumsky

Nancy L. Chlumsky and Frank Chlumsky are the grandparents of Clara Elizabeth So, daughter of Anna Chlumsky. Frank Chlumsky Jr., a chef, and a saxophone player, and Nancy L. Chlumsky, a singer, actress, and a former flight attendant.

Nancy Chlumsky starred alongside her daughter, Anna in the movie “My Girl(1991)”. With her parent’s connection to the performing arts, it was no shock when Anna winded up acting.

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