As if by magic, baseball’s history has been woven into every aspect of the sport. From its roots in the 19th century, American football has offered us a dynamic and dramatic tale that goes beyond the machismo and cunning of its protagonists.

Since the hallmark of long-term success is flexibility, a century-old business will have had to adapt to contemporary societal norms. The Cleveland Indians have redesigned their crest multiple times since the beginning of their MLB team in 1901. The term “Indians” was not derogatory until the turn of the twentieth century.

A look at early MLB team logos suggests that graphic design was still a work in progress in the early 20th century. A crisp, capitalized letter, generally the initial letter of a city or club name, was a common feature of many MLB teams’ caps. At first, Cleveland opted for a college-style “C” on their hats.

Despite the fact that Cleveland’s official cap has been adorned with club emblems for more than a century, the Indians have changed their brand identity at least 20 times. Whether it’s the traditional Chief Wahoo mascot or the ageless block “C” that the team presently sports, Cleveland will continue to keep its supporters delighted on the field as well as in their attire.

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