Cooter Swanson is the father of baseball player Dansby Swanson and his two siblings. At Troy University, Malcolm “Cooter” Swanson, who went by the nickname “Cooter,” obtained a degree in mathematics.

Swanson has been running a screen printing and embroidery company in the Cobb region for almost three decades. For more than fifteen years and a half, he was a commissioner on the Cobb County Parks and Recreation Commission. During that time, he held the position of chairman twice.

Cooter Swanson Biography: Net Worth, Height, Children, Wife, Age
Cooter Swanson Biography: Net Worth, Height, Children, Wife, Age

Swanson also serves on the fair’s board of directors and is the president of the North Georgia State Fair at the moment. Swanson is a member of the Marietta First Baptist Church, where he had held the offices of the Trustees and Deacon

Cooter Swanson Net Worth

Swanson has an estimated net worth of $2 million which is money he has earned as a former baseball player and assistant manager.

Cooter Swanson Height

Cooter Swanson stands at a height of 5ft 9in.

Cooter Swanson Children

Swanson has three children: Chase Swanson, a lawyer in Marietta; Lindsey Swanson, a psychologist in Atlanta; and Dansby Swanson, a baseball player for the Atlanta Braves.

Cooter Swanson Wife

Cooter Swanson, a former baseball player for Troy, is married to Nancy Swanson.

Cooter Swanson Age

The real age of Cooter Swanson is currently unknown but he is an elderly man likely to be in his early or late 60s.

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