Corey Kluber No Hitter: Does Corey Kluber Have a No-Hitter?

Corey Kluber No-Hitter: Does Corey Kluber Have a No-Hitter?

Corey had his first no-hitter in the New York Yankees versus Texas Rangers game in 05-19-2021.

In a 2-0 win over the Rangers on Wednesday night in Arlington, Texas, Corey Kluber hurled his sixth no-hitter of the season, striking out nine batters.

Kluber, who signed with the Yankees in the winter, had only pitched 36.2 innings in the previous two seasons. He dominated the Texas Rangers in just his ninth start as a Yankee.

Kluber had everything working for him, striking out nine batters in nine innings of no-hit ball. He looked like his old self again.

To be honest, he was only a walk away from being perfect until a third-inning walk to Charlie Culberson. Although it was the Yankees’ 12th no-hitter in franchise history, it was the first since David Cone’s perfect game in 1999, when Kluber got the last out.

To be considered an “official no-hit game,” you must have at least nine innings of play in which a pitcher (or pitchers) does not allow a hit.At bat, a batter can reach base through walk, error, hit by pitch, passed ball, or wild pitch on strike three or catcher’s interference in a no-hit game. all of these options are possibilities.

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