How Old Is Cydney Christine?

Cydney Christine is 24 years old. She was born on born on July 21, 1997

Christine was born in Los Angeles, California, and has worked as a model and entrepreneur for a number of well-known companies.

She boasts 795k Instagram followers and describes herself as a ‘5x Platinum Producer.’ Before Trey Songz, Christine was rumored to have had an affair with NFL wide receiver DeSean Jackson.

Nipsey Hussle is said to have been a friend of hers.

Christine was featured in XXL Mag and Patty Cakez, a fashion blog. It has been alleged that she is the CEO of Anaistine, an online shop that specializes in fuzzy sliders.

When Drake released Money in the Grave, Christine was the first producer to get her hands on a credit.

Wide receiver Antonio Brown of the New York Jets recently uploaded an Instagram story photo of themselves in bed with a model, threatening to ‘expose’ her if she didn’t return the $5,000 that he had given her.

Cydney Christine, a model and music producer, was the subject of the free agent’s first Instagram post, which showed him in bed with her.

Once she didn’t pay him $5,000 in cash, he threatened to “out” her in an online message that was later posted by him.


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