Daniel Radcliffe, born Daniel Jacob Radcliffe is a British actor who became very popular in the movie industry for being the lead role in the Harry Potter TV series.

Daniel is the only child of his parents and was born on July 23, 1989, in London in the United Kingdom. He was enrolled in three independent schools for boys in London, that is Redcliffe Gardens School, the Sussex House School, and the City of London School.

He became a cast in the TV series, Harry Potter whiles he was still schooling. When the series was released, Daniel said going to school started being a problem for him since the kids at took began to take him on and tease him which according to him was an act of jealousy.

The acting started taking all of his time to the extent that he had to hire tutors to teach him even when he was on set. When he graduated from high school he decided not to continue his education since he knew he wanted to be an actor and was equally not a very good student.

Daniel Radcliffe Parents: Meet Alan Radcliffe and Marcia Gresham

Daniel Radcliffe’s parents are Alan Radcliffe, his father and Marcia Gresham, his mother. Alan also happens to be an actor who was born in Northern Ireland in the United Kingdom.

Alan used to work as a literary agent but quit that job when his son got busy acting and needed someone to take care of his son.

His mother Marcia also works in the movie industry as a movie director. She happens to have also starred in the Harry Potter series.

Marcia is a graduate who is known to have been quite a brilliant student as she graduated from the University with Good Grades.


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