Daniella Utangbe Peters is a 22-year-old BBNaija housemate and poet. Daniella’s birthplace is Obudu, in the state of Cross RiverShe has a straightforward and honest demeanour and is skilled in a variety of fields,

yet she excels in others. She has some reservations about the concept of falling in love at first sight. Daniella is a gifted personality who is rapidly gaining in popularity and is an energizing force in the entertainment sector.

BBNaija Daniella

She has inscribed her name in the industry. Daniella likes singing, acting, and composing poetry. she also loves visiting the gym, working out and keeping in shape.

Since she has an intense aversion to bullies and is a firm believer in playing by the rules, she is frequently the one to take the role of “the defender” during contentious debates.

She adores being a member of such a large family, which includes her identical brother as well as five older brothers and a younger sister.

Daniella still has faith in love and is hopeful that she will find it one day, despite the fact that she has recently emerged from an unhealthy relationship.

Is Daniella BBNaija Single or Married?

Reports claim that Daniella is not married, but it is possible that he is in a relationship. If not, then she may find a partner in the Big Brother Nigeria program at the conclusion of the season.

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