David Edwin Birney was a famous actor and director based in America. David was born on April 23, 1939, in Washington, D.C. in the United States of America to parents Edwin and Jeanne Birney. He died on April 29, 2022, in his home in Santa Monica, California.

David attended West High School in Cleveland. After his high school education, he enrolled at Dartmouth College and graduated with a B.A. degree in English Literature, and English Honors. He also attended the University of California, Los Angeles, UCLA where he earned an M.A. in Theatre Arts, acting and directing. He was also awarded an honorary PhD. in Humanities from Southern Utah University.


David Birney Net Worth At Death
David Birney

David was one of the main characters in the series, Bridget Loves Bernie. The other main character in the series was his ex-wife, Meredith Baxter. David got married to actress Meredith Baxter in 1974. During their marriage, she became known as Meredith Baxter Birney. They had three children together before they divorced in 1989.

David managed to build his career on TV by making frequent appearances on TV. He starred in several movies and played the lead role in most of these movies and series.

David Birney Net Worth At Death.

At the time of his death, David Birney had a net worth of $5 million.


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