David Edwards plays guard for the National Football League’s Los Angeles Rams. At the University of Wisconsin, he played collegiate football. Edwards was a quarterback for Downers Grove North High School throughout his high school years. He weighed 215 pounds in high school, did not lift weights, and skipped breakfast.

Edwards was also a standout Trojans basketball player, starting at center for three seasons at the varsity level. Edwards attracted the attention of numerous collegiate scouts, including those from the University of Illinois and other Ivy League schools.

Edwards began eating breakfast during his freshman year of college and gained 20 pounds in his first six months. Edwards had gained 275 pounds by August 2016. Edwards was chosen to the AFCA’s first-team All-American team during his sophomore season. Edwards pondered declaring for the NFL draft in 2018 but ultimately decided not to.

Edwards was convinced by a conversation with Wisconsin graduate and Cleveland Browns player Joe Thomas, who assured Edwards that he would remember his last year at Wisconsin more than his NFL rookie season. Edwards was chosen a pre-season second team All-American by Sporting News, Sports Illustrated, and the Associated Press prior to the 2018 season.

David Edwards Net Worth

David Edwards has an estimated net worth of $1,265,000

David Edwards Age

David Edwards is 24 years old

David Edwards Contract

David Edwards has agreed to a four-year, $2.7 million deal with the Los Angeles Rams, which includes  $850,000 base salary and a $66,130 signing bonus.

David Edwards Jersey

David Edwards wears the number 73 Jersey

David Edwards Records

Games played: 49
Games started: 41

David Edwards PFF


David Edwards college

Much is not known about David being to college but he attended Downers Grove North High School and the University of Illinois showed much interest in him during his High school days.

David Edwards Twitter

David Edwards (@dedwards) / Twitter


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