David Goffin is a well-known name in the world of professional tennis. Goffin’s career-high in the singles rankings is seventh in the world. At this time, he holds the title of highest-ranked Belgian male player and is the first to break into the top 10 in the ATP rankings.

Goffin has won six ATP titles and competed in nine additional ATP finals, the most notable of which is the 2017 ATP World Tour Finals. Goffin has also reached the semifinals of three other ATP tournaments.

David Goffin
David Goffin

Goffin’s breakthrough came as a lucky loser at the 2012 French Open, where he made his maiden main draw participation at a Grand Slam. He made it all the way to the fourth round before falling to Roger Federer.

Dominic Thiem and Grigor Dimitrov were his opponents in the quarterfinals of the 2016 French Open and the 2017 Australian Open, respectively, while Novak Djokovic was his opponent at Wimbledon in 2019.

Goffin overcame Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, and Dominic Thiem before losing to Grigor Dimitrov in the final of the 2017 ATP World Tour Finals.

Goffin is regarded as an offensive baseliner due to the accuracy and force of his groundstrokes. He plays primarily from the baseline. Despite having a solid forehand, his two-handed backhand is his best weapon, especially down-the-line, and he makes effective use of it.

This two-hander is often regarded as one of the best in the world. Both teams have the potential to produce champions. In 2017, he won 53,9 percent of his second serve return points, making him one of the greatest in the game.

He can serve at a speed of 125 mph (202 km/h) and has a decent return game. He’s a great player all-around, and he excels at recovering difficult balls. Even though he’s a good defender, he doesn’t have much to offer on offense outside that.

David Goffin Net Worth

David Goffin has a net worth of $15 million

David Goffin Ranking

David Goffin is currently ranked No.7 in the world

David Goffin Prediction

While his opponent may be more talented, Norrie is younger and in greater shape. At this point, I can’t see him losing to anyone other than Rafa, Novak, or Nick, as he’s completely dominating the field.

Given how few errors both players make, I expect the over to be a popular pick, but I’m concerned about Goffin’s ability to smash his backhand regularly.

Even though Norrie’s serve has been high-bouncing and he has a lot of experience, he hasn’t struck many winners in his last two matches when going for it.

As we’ve seen in his last two matches, Goffin has also been known to donate breaks and entirely lose his level of concentration. Norrie, a savage competitor, will finish this match in five sets, so don’t take any chances.

I’ll take the spread as a result of that.

Norrie -3.5 games are the pick (-130)

David Goffin Wife

David Goffin is married to Stephanie Tuccitto

David Goffin Children

David Goffin does not have any kids as of now

David Goffin Parents

David Goffin’s parents are Michel Goffin and  Francoise Goffin

David Goffin Instagram

David Goffin is on Instagram with a verified page. He has 285k followers

David Goffin Age

David Goffin is 31 years old.He was born on December 7, 1990.


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