Debby Clark’s life

Debby Clark Belichick is the former wife of William Stephen Belichick, a native of Maryland, she was born sometime in 1955 in Maryland, it was known that she and Belichick were high School sweethearts and he attended Anna polls high school. growing up, Debby Belichick had a strong flair for design which is seen in her subsequent carrier choice as of 2020, Debby Clark Belichick is 65 years old.

Debby’s interest in interior and exterior design began at a very early age after she graduated from college to be exact, Debby finally had a carrier which she always had a strong passion for, she launched her own tile and design store called “The arts of tile and store.

Derby Clark is a recognized healthcare marketing executive who is known for his work with numerous iconic brands and high-growth category leaders. His recent portfolio of clients includes leading pharmaceutical companies, medical technology companies, medical devices, OTC, nutrition, and food nutrients categories. Clark has been an influential leader in the industry since 1995.

No one knows too much about Derby Clark except that she was born in 1955 in Nashville, Tennessee. She went to Wesleyan University where she met young Bill, who was in the football and lacrosse teams. The two hit off and fell in love with each other. They married 4 years later. It has been rumored that the couple had an on-and-off relationship due to the time they spent apart.

Bill’s coaching career began to take off in the early 1980s as the University of Virginia expanded its lacrosse program and became one of the original seven founding members of the newly launched Big South Conference. During this same time Debby held various positions as a volunteer coach and administrator for her children’s high school lacrosse teams; ultimately finding a role as the head coach at John Handley High School in northern Virginia.

Today, Debby Clark, along with her husband Bill, is the mother of three very successful coaches – Stephen Clark at Delaware, Brian Clark at Rutgers, and Amanda Clark at the University of North Carolina. An active participant in her children’s lacrosse careers she has become a respected college lacrosse observer.

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