Deborah James Cause of Death: How did Deborah James Die?

It has been widely speculated that BBC’s Deborah James has lost her life to Stage 4 Bowel cancer. The night Deborah James began vomiting blood, she claims that waiting for an ambulance would have been fatal.

Her husband hurried the Sun writer with terminal colon cancer to the hospital, where she underwent life-saving surgery.

Deborah James
Deborah James

After pleading with the 999 operators to intervene on her behalf, she worries her children would have had to witness her demise if he hadn’t been there.

The mother of two, who lives in West London, was “extremely outraged” and “traumatized” by the service.

Only a few people have survived more than five years after being diagnosed with colon cancer, including Deborah.

The near-death experience was one of the most difficult, heartbreaking, and terrifying phases of the 40-year-battle old’s illness. She notified her almost 400K followers about it in early January.

In a matter of seconds, Deborah called her 42-year-old husband Seb, who was attending a nearby physiotherapy appointment.

When she was unable to say more than “help me,” she called the ambulance service and provided her address.

Deborah spent 18 days in and out of two hospitals trying to treat her blocked bile duct at the Royal Marsden Hospital.

Her liver is failing as a result of a tumor developing around her bile duct. It was the source of her numerous medical crises since the summer.



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