Deborah James has provided an update on her bowel cancer struggle, stating that she is doing better after a terrible few months that had her questioning her own survival.

The 40-year-old bowel cancer activist has spent the majority of the year in hospital following a nasty bleed and infections, but she claims she is slowly recovering.

Deborah James
Is Deborah James Dead or Alive?

Lorraine Kelly paid a visit to Deborah at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London, where she is presently being treated for bowel cancer, as part of the No Butts campaign, which encourages people to recognize the signs of bowel cancer.

Deborah replied, “Fragile,” when asked how she was feeling. To be honest with you, I’m wearing makeup and brushing my hair, which is improvement.

Is Deborah James Dead or Alive?

Deborah James revealed on Instagram that “nobody knows how long she has left to live.”

While Deborah has maintained a cheerful attitude throughout her cancer treatment, she revealed on Monday on Instagram that she no longer knows how long she has left as she opened up about her stage 4 cancer.

The joyful mother of two said in a devastating post that her ‘body isn’t playing ball’ as she offered the health update.

“The message I never wanted to write,” Deborah wrote. We’ve tried everything, but my body just won’t cooperate.



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