The Houston Texans have traded Deshaun Watson to the Cleveland Browns in return for a large number of draft picks.

Watson is set to defer his no-trade statement and will get another five-year, $230 million agreement, $80 million a greater number of than the first arrangement consented to in Houston.

The Browns are exchanging three first-round picks, a third-round pick, and a fifth-round pick. All $230 million of Watson’s agreement is completely ensured, putting him under agreement through 2026.

On Wednesday, it was accounted for that Cleveland was presently not in the running. Yet, the agreement, basically to some degree, changed that.

Deshaun Watson Parents: Meet Deann Watson Deshaun Watson’s Mother

Deshaun Watson was born to Deann Watson (mother) and Don Richardson (father). She Survived a Violent Acid Attack In 2002 when DeAndre Hopkins was only 10, Greenlee was the survivor of a rough acid attack at a service station, which passed on her without the capacity to see.

Is Deshaun Watson Signed?

Yes, Deshaun Watson is signed by the Cleveland Browns. Along with the trade, Watson signed a five-year, $230M deal to stay with Cleveland.

He chose Cleveland over the New Orleans Saints, Atlanta Falcons (his hometown team), and Carolina Panthers.

What did the Browns Give up for Deshaun Watson?

Cleveland will give up three first-round draft picks including the No. 13 overall draft in the following month’s NFL Draft as well as a 2023 third-rounder and a 2024 fourth-rounder, in return for Watson and a 2024 fifth-rounder.


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