Is Deshaun Watson Signed? What did the Browns Give up for Deshaun Watson?

Deshaun Watson

Deshaun Watson is an American football quarterback born in Gainesville, Georgia on September 14, 1995, to Deann Watson and Don Richardson.

Watson was selected at Clemson in January 2014. During his secondary school profession, Watson had worn #4, yet at Clemson, that number had been resigned after quarterback Steve Fuller graduated.

Watson entered his actual first-year recruit season as the reinforcement to starter Cole Stoudt yet at the same time got broad playing time.

Through three games, he finished 29 of 41 passes for 479 yards with four scores and no interferences, beating Stoudt. Watson was named the Tigers’ starter on September 21.

In Watson’s first vocation start against the North Carolina Tar Heels, he set a school standard with six score passes and tossed for 435 yards on the way to a 50-35 triumph.

Is Deshaun Watson Signed?

Yes, Deshaun Watson is signed by the Cleveland Browns. Along with the trade, Watson signed a five-year, $230M deal to stay with Cleveland.

He chose Cleveland over the New Orleans Saints, Atlanta Falcons (his hometown team), and Carolina Panthers.

What did the Browns Give up for Deshaun Watson?

Cleveland will give up three first-round draft picks including the No. 13 overall draft in the following month’s NFL Draft as well as a 2023 third-rounder and a 2024 fourth-rounder, in return for Watson and a 2024 fifth-rounder.

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