Did Aaron Judge fix his Teeth?

Yes. Aaron Judge got his tooth fixed.

Aaron Judge declared Friday morning after receiving a temporary fix to a half-bite on his left front tooth during Thursday night’s wild postgame celebration.

On Friday, Judge made his Yankee Stadium debut in right field and batted third against the Rays.

After Brett Gardner hit a walk-off home run to lift the Yankees to a 6-5 victory over the Rays in extra innings, Judge claimed he was forced to step in front of a stray helmet in order to prevent an injury.

However, it was the slugging right fielder who suffered an injury.

The helmet bounced off a teammate’s back and struck him square in the mouth as he was jumping with the rest of the squad.

“It got me fairly good,” Judge recalled of the experience. “I was a little taken aback at first. I thought my teeth had been knocked out in two places. As quickly as possible, I rushed to cover it up and go.”

The tooth has been fixed for the time being, according to the judge. Despite this, his teammates aren’t going to allow him to forget about the blunder any time soon.


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