Who Is Anna Delvey

Anna Sorokin is also known as Anna Delvey is a convicted fraudster who was born in Russia and raised in Germany. She purported to be a wealthy German heiress named Anna Delvey in an attempt to scam banks, hotels, and wealthy contacts while living in the United States between 2013 and 2017. She was born on January 23, 1991, in Russia.

Under the name Anna Delvey, she feigned to be a rich German heiress to scam banks, hotels, and wealthy contacts. In 2019, she was found guilty of attempted grand larceny, larceny in the second degree, and theft of services in connection with these crimes. Netflix developed a show adaption of her narrative called Inventing Anna.

Did Anna Delvey get Paid for Inventing Anna?

Following the invention of Anna’s story, Netflix paid and increased Anna’s payout to $320,000 for the rights to adapt her life story. This money was seized for sufferers of her crimes to file lawsuits and make claims, which some did.

In 2019, the New York Attorney General’s office filed a lawsuit against Sorokin under the state’s Son of Sam law, which prevents people convicted of a crime from benefitting from the publicity surrounding the crime.

By this time, Netflix and Shonda Rhimes had secured the rights to Sorokin’s New York magazine profile, with plans to turn it into a television show. The state Office of Victim Services (OVS) withheld a $140,000 deposit paid to Sorokin by Netflix as a consequence of the lawsuit, allowing two banks that she scammed to pursue cohesive and effective.


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