Because Jennifer Aniston is one of the most well-liked celebrities in the business, it is only natural that throughout the course of her adult life, she has shown to be very alluring to a variety of Hollywood hunks.

The actress from The Morning Show has tied the knot twice, once with actor Brad Pitt and once with actor Justin Theroux.

She has also been linked to a number of other potential suitors in the entertainment industry.

Despite the fact that her romantic endeavors have provided tabloids with material for decades, the celebrity continues to have a positive perspective on partnerships in general.

She also expressed the same thing back in 2008, following her breakup with Pitt but prior to meeting Theroux: “I feel like I’ve been tremendously lucky in love. At this point, it just might not appear as it should.

Did Jennifer Aniston Date Ben Affleck?

No, despite being one of the few extremely well-known Jennifers who has never been associated with the Movie star. Ben was previously married to Jennifer Garner from 2005 to 2018 and has three children with her.

Currently, Ben Affleck is dating Jennifer Lopez after they were previously engaged from 2003 to 2004. However, in the 2009 romantic comedy, Aniston and Affleck did portray a relationship.


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