Did Piers Morgan Fight With Donald Trump?

Donald Trump and Piers Morgan had a heated verbal altercation during an interview.

In a new interview slated to air next week, Donald Trump seemed to end a fiery one-on-one with Piers Morgan after being questioned on his false promises about winning the 2020 race.

Morgan’s new show, “Piers Morgan Uncensored,” had Trump as its first guest. The English broadcaster warned the former president that he lost in 2020 in a “free and fair election” in a preview video that was shared on Wednesday.

After being questioned about losing the 2020 race, former US President Donald Trump seemed to walk out of an interview with Piers Morgan.

Morgan’s new show TalkTV features a dramatic 30-second commercial in which the former president calls the presenter “dishonest” and “a fool.”

Trump, 75, gets irritated during the interview when Morgan reminds him that the 2020 election was “free and fair” and that “you lost.”

“Only a fool would believe that,” the former president responds. When Morgan asks Trump whether he believes he’s an idiot, Trump responds, “I do now, sure.”

Throughout the teaser, the former  president sounded defensive, telling Morgan, “I think I’m a pretty honest man, much more honest than you, actually.”

When Morgan told him he had failed to show “concrete evidence” to support unsubstantiated and disproved accusations of widespread vote fraud in 2020, he told Morgan, “I don’t think you’re real.”

Trump is rumored to be planning his third presidential run after losing to Joe Biden two years ago.

The ad finishes with Trump appearing to walk out on Morgan, instructing the camera team to “turn the camera off.”

The 75-minute special will air at 8 p.m. on Monday, Murdoch’s new television network’s first day.

Despite the fact that News UK claims TalkTV will not be a standard rolling news channel and would include entertainment, documentaries, and sports programs, current affairs conversations are likely to be the backbone of its production.

Morgan is expected to be paid £50 million over three years to host the daily talk show, which will be shown on Fox Nation in the US and Sky News in Australia.

“Piers is the broadcaster every channel wants but is frightened to recruit,” Murdoch remarked after announcing Morgan’s hiring in September.

Piers is a gifted journalist and a wonderful presenter who speaks exactly what people are thinking and feeling.



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