What Happened Between Piers Morgan And Donald Trump?

Piers Morgan’s interview with Donald Trump came to an abrupt end when Trump ordered ‘turn the cameras off as he got out of his chair and walked off.

When former President Trump was informed that he had lost the election, he stormed out of sit-down interview with Piers Morgan.

Piers MorganPiers Morgan
Piers Morgan

In the thirty-second preview for his new Fox Nation show ‘Piers Morgan Uncensored,’ Trump, curtly tells Morgan ‘I’m a very honest man. Much more honest than you actually.’ ‘Really?’ Morgan replies.

‘It was a free and fair election. You lost,’ Morgan says in another moment. ‘Only a fool would think that,’ Trump, who appears to be glistening with sweat, shoots back. ‘I do now, yeah.’

‘I don’t think you’re real,’ Trump tells Morgan.

Morgan has stated that he and Trump had been friends for approximately 15 years, dating back to Morgan’s victory on Celebrity Apprentice in 2008.

Someone had sent Trump a list of quotes where Morgan had been harshly critical of the previous president an hour before the interview was arranged, Morgan said in an op-ed for the New York Post.

He claimed that Trump summoned him to his office and asked, “What the f*** is this?” before the interview. Trump recited a handful of Morgan’s criticisms, which he gleaned from op-eds and TV appearances.

Morgan claimed that he asked Trump about the hole-in-one he claimed to have recently received to calm him down, and the former president reluctantly agreed to sit for the interview.

Morgan claims Trump called him a “stupid” seven times throughout the 75-minute interview, in between calling Sen.


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