Poop also referred to as stool or feces, is a natural byproduct of the digestive system. Poop is made up of waste items that the body is removing. Food particles, germs, salts, and other things may be present. The color, texture, volume, and odor of excrement can all be different.

Players Pooping During Games

When we are talking about Pooping in NFL games, the possibility is quite direct and likely. The nature of play in NFL games sometimes makes this part of the activity look unusual. Players have to poop during games, some do before even the games.

But the likelihood of players relieving themselves isn’t a new development. There has however worrying concerns about the fact that some players do Poop on themselves.

Channing Crowder, a former Miami Dolphins player, claims he did just that in every NFL game he ever participated in. While viewers may not be aware, athletes are well aware that they are releasing themselves anywhere they can during the game, as Kalil pointed out.

There’s a theory that if a play is crucial, players are on a roll, or they can’t halt the game, they’ll pee or even defecate in their pants on purpose. This has been said, not only by NFL players on TV but also by others. Is this anything that happens?

The truth about this particular trend is, players, do relieve themselves by visiting the washroom or somewhere rather private. But the possibility of them pooping on themselves especially during games is quite unlikely if not rare.


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