Do football players wear diapers?

Many have always wondered how footballers in the NFL protect themselves and keep themselves miost and in shape during games. Many are of the view that footballers wear a lot of diapers when playing on the field.

Now the question is how true is the myth that footballers wear diapers when they are on the field?

What Are Diapers?

A diaper can be said to be a piece of towelling or other absorbent material wrapped around a baby’s bottom and between its legs to absorb and retain urine and faeces; a nappy.

There are two different types of diapers that are made with the first being for kids whiles the second one is made for grown-ups and elderly people.

When Diapers becomes wet, one needs to change them because failure in doing this regularly might cause skin problems around where your diaper cover is located.

Do football players wear diapers?

Now to the big question that is been asked and wondered by most people is; Do footballers wear diapers? The answer to the question is no as players do not wear diapers when playing football.

Even tho players do not wear diapers during games they are said to provide support and protection during intense physical activity like that in a game or practice session where male genitalia may come into contact with other players’ legs, thighs etc., thus preventing injury!

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