Do NFL players families get free tickets?

Yes, NFL players receive two tickets for each game to present to family or friends at home and two tickets for road games, however those tickets for away games are not always picked up.

Any additional tickets must be purchased at face value, depending on the availability of seats that particular week. There are usually a few tickets left on the market. The cost of the tickets is normally deducted from your paycheck. Exceptions may apply.

Once again, NFL players pay the full face value of their away game tickets and receive whatever concessions the visiting team has to offer to their teammates in exchange for their participation. It is usual for upper deck seats to be of low quality at various points throughout the season.

NFL players have frequently stated that the volume of ticket requests during the week leading up to the Super Bowl can be overwhelming. And, while all of the players in the game have the option to purchase tickets at face value, not all of them are eligible to receive free tickets.

Consequently, the last thing that athletes want is for everyone they’ve ever met to approach them and ask for free tickets to see them play.


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