How much is Joe Burrow Contract?

Joe Burrow’s contract with the Cincinnati Bengals was a guaranteed sum of $36,190,137 was included in a four-year contract with the Cincinnati Bengals, which included a $23,880,100 signing bonus and a guaranteed sum of $36,190,137. According to his contract, his base salary in 2022 is $3,900,012, with a salary cap of $9,870,037

The signing bonus is the most crucial component of Burrow’s contract because it is where the majority of the money from rookie contracts in the NFL goes. His rookie deal, like the contracts of the other three first-round quarterbacks taken following Burrow in the 2020 draft, is completely guaranteed.

In other words, while Burrow had no control over the amount of money he could earn on his first NFL contract, his performance over the next three to four seasons will determine how much money he can earn on his second contract.

Following the signing of his rookie contract with the Bengals, Burrow indicated that he intended to keep all of the money from his contract and instead live off of the income he would receive from endorsement deals.

What was Joe Burrows signing Bonus?

Joe Burrows signing bonus is $23,880,100 which was received from the Bengals within 15 days of executing his contract.


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