Ramadan is a period of fasting for Muslims all over the world. During this period, they fast from dawn till sunset and make sure to avoid any food or drink during the day. They also make sure to live a holy life throughout the days the fast is observed to be closer to their maker, Allah.

In some countries, Muslims are given a break from work and school to make the period easier for them. In some places too work and school hours are shortened. Ramadan is observed for 30 days after which a feast is made to end the fast.



Muslims start the day with a meal to begin the fast and avoid eating and drinking anything throughout the day till it’s time to break the fast. During the Ramadan period, Muslims also devote almost all their time to prayers and charitable acts.

When it is Ramadan season, it is Haram to have sex, eat any food, drink any liquids and smoke cigarettes. Apart from these, it is also Haram to involve in any sinful activity like gossip, insults or fight.

Do you lose weight during Ramadan?

Yes. Those who observe the fasting period of Ramadan often lose weight as they deny their bodies food to nourish them but they usually regain their normal body size back quickly when the fasting period is over.


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