The Watch TNT and Watch TBS apps from Turner Entertainment have recently been made available for Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. Both of these new additions need to be activated by a partnering cable provider, as is typical with applications from cable networks.

The only difference between the apps, of course, is the content because these two networks are controlled by the same firm. Fortunately, these are among the most attractive and feature-rich network station apps I’ve seen.

Both apps’ home screens display the app’s most prominently displayed content. The emphasis is on both films and television shows. The majority of the “watch” buttons have been replaced by big “sign in to watch” buttons right away.

The applications are simple to activate; all you have to do is enter your cable login information and a device code at or It’s interesting to note that activating one app also makes the other one active. I did not find a full-length episode or movie that did not require the app to be activated for the brief time I spent with each app.

The majority of the content is located in the Shows area of the apps. The number of episodes that are currently accessible to watch through the app is listed next to each show’s huge artwork.

It’s fun to browse through a show’s available episodes. You can explore the information more thoroughly by pressing down instead of choosing a show to watch the episodes of.

By not having to constantly jump in and out of different screens, means you hardly ever have to use the back button on the remote, and you can quickly browse through the app and its content.

Another great aspect of the app is the clear display of exactly when each episode expires, so you know how long you have before the episode is no longer available through the app. This is a feature that is unfortunately rarely found in streaming media apps.


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