Christopher Flynn Foerster known in football as Chris Foerster is an American football coach who currently serves as the offensive line coach for the San Francisco 49ers of the National Football League(NFL).

Throughout his coaching career, Foerster has had the opportunity to be various kinds of coach. From an offensive assistant coach to an offensive line coach to an assistant offensive line and special teams coach to a tight ends coach to an offensive coordinator and finally as a game-planning assistant.

Foerster was born October 12, 1961, in Wisconsin, USA.

He is married to Michelle Massey Foerster, however, the details about his married life is a hidden treasure to date, rumours have it that Foerster and Michelle are no longer together. The couple got married in 1985. The little information that has been gathered on his wife shows that she is a registered nurse in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Does Chris Foerster Have Children?

Yes. Chris has three children from his wife, Michelle. He has a daughter and two sons.

Meet Kathleen Colby, Jake Christopher Foerster and Micah: Children Of Chris Foerster

Chris has three children, Kathleen,  jake and Micah. Chris and his wife welcomed their daughter, Kathleen in 1988 and their second child, son Jake Christopher Foerster in 1991; however, the details about their youngest son Micah is unknown.


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