Does Gemma Oaten Have Children? Who Are Gemma Oaten Children?

Gemma Oaten is a British actress born May 8, 1984, to parents Dennis Oaten and Marg Oaten in Hull in England, UK. Gemma’s elder brother is Chris Charles who happens to be a former professional rugby league footballer who played rugby in the 1990s and 2000s. Chris won a cap for England in 2005 when the National Rugby team played against France that year.

When Gemma was 11 years, she suffered from anorexia nervous which was caused by bullying. She ended up spending over 11 months in an adolescent psychiatric unit and had to battle with the disorder for over a decade.


Gemma Oaten
Gemma Oaten

Her situation caused her parents to set up an eating disorder charity SEED in 2000 to help others who were also affected by this eating disorder. Gemma has made several appearances in movies and TV shows such as Emmerdale, Rise of the Footsoldier 3 and Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool which was released in 2017.

She is most popular for her role in the series Emmerdale where she played the role of Rachel Breckle in the soap series. She also starred in Doctors and Casualty and was also a show host at Capital FM, a radio station in the United Kingdom.

Does Gemma Oaten Have Children?

No. Gemma Oaten does not have any children.

Who Are Gemma Oaten Children?

The British actress does not have any children of her own yet.

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