Does Giancarlo Stanton Speak Spanish?

No. Giancarlo Stanton doesn’t speak french although he had always wanted to speak french to identify his culture.

Giancarlo Stanton’s mother, Jacinta Garay, did her hardest to make sure their daily lives reflected their heritage as Latinos. Even the slugger’s given name owes a lot to Latino culture.

Celia Cruz, the Queen of Salsa, was his mother’s favorite singer, so she gave him his middle name, Cruz, as a tribute.

On Roberto Clemente Day, Stanton remembered his mother’s Puerto Rican heritage. In honor of the Great One, the Yankees’ slugger proudly wore the Great One’s former number, 21.

This is an honor for me because of what Roberto (Clemente) symbolizes for the country and for Latin players in general, Stanton added.

Since Stanton can remember, Clemente has played an essential role in his life. He grew up in Los Angeles, where his mother kept a portrait of “The Great One” on the wall.

Clemente was Stanton’s mother’s favorite Puerto Rican hero. When she was young, he was the best athlete in Boriqua.

She had no idea that this picture would have such a profound impact on her son’s life.

In order to become the player he is now, as well as achieve his own ambitions, he needed to witness that every day. As if you were in the Major Leagues.

As much as Stanton wishes he could be more connected to his Puerto Rican heritage, he fondly remembers participating in the first MLB series ever held in the island. Making an impact was important to him at the beginning of his Big League career.

As a result, he smashed a home shot deep to left field in his final at bat of the first game.

Stanton has fond memories of attending Latino festivals and listening to Latin music as a child growing up in a Los Angeles Latino neighborhood. As he enters his fourth season in New York, a city with a disproportionately high number of Caribbean immigrants, he feels closer to his heritage.

His response to this was, “I think that helped me know the culture better.” Also, the food has become more familiar to me because I’m in a clubhouse that plays a lot of it.


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