Does Hirokazu Sawamura Speak English?

Hirokazu Sawamura does not speak English. He uses an interpreter to communicate. He is possibly learning the English Language

Hirokazu Sawamura is learning to bridge cultural differences with his teammates through candy as he attempts to take on increased responsibilities in the bullpen.

“language is a barrier for me, Sawamura said through an interpreter on Thursday, “but despite that, I try to get into the circle of a conversation, try to ask a lot of questions even if I don’t really know English.”

“I’m attempting to learn and speak it. As a result, I’ve been able to fit in with my teammates. The Hi-Chew has recently become quite popular in the clubhouse, bullpen, dugout, and everywhere else. Hi-Chew is essential for effective communication.”

In comparison to Japan, where he pitched professionally for the past decade, Sawamura is learning a lot about pitching in the United States.

Sawamura used to be able to throw his fastball low in the strike zone, but MLB hitters regularly crush that pitch.

Sawamura added, “I think the batters here are skilled at scooping the low strike zone, the low fastball.”

“I’ve given up home runs on that pitch, and they’ve got a long reach, so they’re pretty adept at making the hard swing low in the strike zone.”


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