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Domingo Tapia Salary: How Much Does Domingo Tapia Make?

Last year, Pitcher Domingo Tapia made his major league debut with the Red Sox and put up an outstanding stat line, although in only 4.1 innings pitched in only five games.

He gave up four hits, one of which was a home run, and that was the only earned run he gave up.

Domingo Tapia’s 2.08 ERA was a result of his limited activity in the short season. Domingo Tapia, on the other hand, had a 5.73 FIP (Fielding Independent Pitching), which was not ideal given that the standard for FIP is for the metric to be equal to or lower than the ERA.

Last year, Tapia threw 80 pitches, 79 percent of which were fastballs (four-seamer and sinker) with an average velocity of roughly 99 miles per hour.

The rest of his pitches were sliders, and he only used his changeup once all season.

Domingo Tapia will push for a bullpen position this season, but it will be a tough battle because the Mariners are anticipated to sign a few bullpen arms this offseason and already have a few young arms on the roster that they want to keep.

How Much Does Domingo Tapia Make?

Domingo Tapia Make an annual salary of $570,500, with a $0 signing bonus

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