Doyin BBNaija Biography

Doyin is a medical radiographer and is a competitor for Big Brother Naija Season 7’s Level Up. She compares herself to a cross between Cardi B and Michelle Obama, saying that depending on the situation, she won’t hesitate to show either side of her personality.

Her reputation as “a bundle of surprises” makes it impossible to predict what you will get from her. Doyin enjoys reading, going out, and working very hard as a medical radiographer. Although she may come out as a tough cookie, she is actually quite sensitive.

Doyin, a master manipulator, has plans for Big Brother Season 7 that include positivism and a little bit of disdain. She values loyalty highly and will go to great lengths to protect her friends and the people she loves.

Doyin is hopeful that Big Brother Naija would alter the course of her life. “I want to explore if there is something in the entertainment industry for me because I find medicine to be terribly boring.

Doyin BBNaija Net Worth

Doyin has an estimated net worth of $50, 000.

Doyin BBNaija Real Name

Her real name is Doyinsola Anuoluwapo David.

Doyin BBNaija Date of Birth

Her date of birth is unknown but from her age she was born in the year 1996.

Doyin BBNaija Hometown

Doyin is from Ondo State in Nigeria.

Doyin BBNaija Parents

Currently, her parents information is unavailable.  She is yet to reveal who they are.

Doyin BBNaija Instagram

Doyin has an Instagram account.  It is @doyinoyen.

Doyin BBNaija Age

She is 26 years of age.


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