Eloswag BBNaija Biography

Eloka Paul Nwamu, also referred to as “Eloswag,” is a real person. On Big Brother Naija Season 7, the 27-year-old digital marketer and content creator from Lagos State is vying for the N100 million grand prize.

Eloswag views himself as enthusiastic, self-assured, talented, and attractive to women. In his perspective, his mother is a hero. I’m a fantastic man, and women adore me, he chuckles. Because I believe that this platform was developed with the intention of motivating youngsters and the selected contestants, I believe I would be a fantastic fit for the position.

Eloswag claims that during his stay in the Level Up House, both spectators and his fellow Housemates will be mesmerized by him and his zeal. He responded, “I’m the next big thing out of Naija and I auditioned to make the House totally fantastic,” when asked why he had applied.

Since he has already been “given his breakfast” a number of times, Eloswag admits that he is not married and that he is not really interested in getting married.


Big Brother Housemate Eloswag
Big Brother Housemate Eloswag

Eloswag BBNaija Net Worth

Eloswag has an estimated net worth of about $20, 000.

Eloswag BBNaija Real Name

His real name is Eloka Paul Nwamu.

Eloswag BBNaija Date of Birth

His actual date of birth is unknown but from his age , he was born in the year 1995.

Eloswag BBNaija Hometown

Eloswag is from Lagos,  Nigeria.

Eloswag BBNaija Parents

Who his parents are is currently unknown.

Eloswag BBNaija Instagram

He is on Instagram.  His handle is @eloswager.

Eloswag BBNaija Age.

He is 27 years old now.


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