Talking about his wife, the wife of Eddie Butler is Susan Butler.

Edward Thomas Butler, a Welsh journalist, sportscaster, and rugby union player, was born on 8 May 1957 and passed away on 15 September 2022. Between 1980 and 1984, he earned 16 caps for Wales and scored 2 tries.

Butler was well known for his vociferous backing of Welsh independence.

Butler continued to write after he stopped participating in the sport by contributing a weekly column to The Observer Sport’s Rugby Union section, writing for The Guardian as well, and co-commentating for the BBC with former England hooker Brian Moore.

When it was revealed that Austin Healey’s weekly column had been written by Butler while Healey was on tour with the British and Irish Lions Rugby team in Australia in 2001, he attracted some notice.

Butler wrote two books about rugby. He served as an ambassador for the Welsh organization Prostate Cymru, which works to increase awareness of prostate cancer.
Butler advocated for Welsh independence.

Who Is Susan Butler

Susan Butler is the beautiful wife of Susan Butler. At the time of his passing, Butler was a devoted husband to Susan and a doting father to their six children.

American writer and biographer Susan Butler is well recognized for her work on Amelia Earhart.

After graduating from Bennington College in 1953, Susan Butler pursued a master’s in political science at Columbia University.

The author, Susan Butler, toiled at at her biography of Amelia Earhart for a full decade. Her own mother had been a pilot and a member of the Ninety-Nines, and this served as a source of inspiration for her when she began working on the life of Earhart.

She went to significant locales such as Trepassey and Harbour Grace, and she did a significant amount of her study at the Schlesinger Library, which was the repository for Amelia Earhart’s documents.


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