Elizabeth Holmes may be the most famous or infamous member of her family right now, but her father comes from a long line of reputable families.

Christian Holmes, her great-great-grandfather on her father’s side, was an engineer and doctor who made his way to America from Denmark and became so successful that a hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio was named after him.

He married Bettie Fleishmann, whose family had started Fleischmann Yeast, the first company to sell packaged yeast. 

Meet Christian Holmes IV and Noel Holmes

At the time of Holmes’ birth, her parents, Christian Holmes IV and Noel Holmes were residents in Washington, DC. This was during the Reagan administration.

Holmes’s parents were both employed by the US government on Capitol Hill.

Both of her parents worked for the government in Washington, D.C., but her mother worked in policy while her father moved around between departments and agencies.

Despite the fact that Christian Holmes spent the majority of his career working for the government, he also held vice presidential positions with the energy corporations Tenneco and Enron.

Holmes eventually went back to work for the government, this time with the EPA as director of the USTDA and the USAID as worldwide water coordinator


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