Eric Kay is a former communications director and public relations officer who has been marked deeply into the heinous overdose murder of Tyler Skaggs.

Tyler Skaggs was a professional MLB inducted baseball pitcher for Arizona Diamondbacks and LA Angels.

Tyler started his professional MLB career in 2012 and went on the next seven years savouring his playstyle.

His sudden death of 2019 happened in a Texas hotel room where he was staying with the staff and other players.

Eric Kay Wife

Eric Kay is reported to be the husband of a lady named Camela Kay. However, little data concerning his marriage with Camila has been revealed.

They have been each lively on Facebook a couple of years in the past. It seems that they’ve deactivated or deleted their accounts.

Eric Kay Family

Eric’s mother is an interior designer at Orange County but nothing is known about his dad. According to reports, eric mother revealed that her son was still suffering from an overdose himself after Tyler texted him for some drugs.

Tyler Skaggs Verdict

Eric Kay, former communications director for the Los Angeles Angels, was found guilty on both counts of drug conspiracy and drug distribution in relation to the 2019 death of the Angels pitcher.

Kay now faces up to life in prison. His sentencing is expected to be held on June 28 at 10 a.m.

Skaggs family said Thursday they were grateful for the verdict and relieved justice was served.


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