Everson Pereira Scouting Report

Rank History

Year Team Position Team Rank OFP
2021 NYY OF 30 35

Grades Update: Jan 2021

OFP Role Hit Power Field Arm Run
35 30 40 40 55 55 55

Age: 20 yr
Height: 6-0
Weight: 191 lbs
Hits/Throws: R/R
Acquired: 2017 IFA
RuleV: 2021

Physical Description: Athletic player with quick twitch and wiry strength. Room for 15-20 pounds of physical projection with the type of long slender build that should hold good weight.

Hit: Whippy bat speed with mechanical flaws that draw away from the overall profile. Starts from a square stance with front hip hinting slightly open.  Grade: 40

Power: Looks to drive the ball in the air but doesn’t get great angle on contact leading to lots of pop-ups and rollovers. Grade: 40

Field: Above average fielder that takes mostly good routes and angles on flyballs. Shows the closing speed and twitch to stick in center for the foreseeable future but has the arm and skills to man any spot in the outfield. Grade: 55

Arm: Average outfield throwing arm the fits across the outfield. Good carry and accuracy, not an overly loud tool but an arm capable of making all necessary throws. Grade: 55

Run: Above average straight line runner with the ability to use his speed in a variety of ways. Strong base runner, with the ability to take the extra base, average base stealer  Grade: 55

Overall: Good overall athlete with skills to dream on but a lack of formative skills. Above-average or better-supporting skills but a bat that brings his future role very much into question.

OFP: 35
Role: 30 – Up/Down Emergency Depth

Everson Pereira prospect Ranking

Finally, Everson Pereira, another center fielder, placed 69th on the list.

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