Timothy Klein, an American firefighter from Breezy Point, Queens, was killed on Sunday afternoon while combating a house fire in east Brooklyn.

Klein perished as a result of a building collapse. He was also a member of the Ladder Company 170.

Aside from that, at about 1:30 p.m., a fire broke out on the peaked roof of the home’s private area.

At 2:00, the fire was increased to a 2nd alarm, then at 2:12 it was upgraded to a 3rd alarm.

As a result, Klein and three other firefighters entered the structure when the entire second level became engulfed in flames and collapsed.

 Timothy Klein
Timothy Klein

Firefighter Timothy Klein Obituary

Timothy Klein was the bravest firefighter who died doing what he was asked to do on a regular basis. He was the son of a retired firefighter, and he was 31 years old at the time.

Klein was killed in a home fire in Brooklyn on Sunday evening, only two years after delivering a powerful message. According to NYPost, it was in honor of his colleague firefighter, who also died in the line of duty.

He was a six-year veteran of the FDNY, and his loss has been felt by the whole local firefighting community.

Firefighters were called to 10826 Avenue N around 1:30 p.m., according to NBC New York. Around 2 p.m., a mayday was issued, coupled with a request for a third salvage and crew organization.

Timothy Klein  Cause of death

Timothy Klein, died on Sunday afternoon while combating a house fire in east Brooklyn when the roof of the structure they were attempting to save collapsed

 Timothy Klein Tribute

On Sunday evening, a fire in Brooklyn, New York, killed one firefighter, Timothy Klein, and injured about a dozen others. He has been a member of the FDNY for a long time.

While battling home fire in east Brooklyn on Sunday evening, one FDNY fireman was killed and five others were injured.

Timothy Klein, according to the FDNY, was the firefighter. He was a 31-year-old member of Ladder Company 170 who died as a result of a fall within the design.


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