Raquel Antunes da Silva Cause Of Death

Raquel Antunes da Silva died from an accident after falling from a float at the Rio Carnival.

Raquel Antunes da Silva heroically fought for her life in the Souza Aguiar Municipal Hospital for 36 hours, but she died on Friday due to an internal hemorrhage.

Rio Carnival tragedy as girl, 11, dies in freak accident after falling from  float - World News - Mirror Online

After the catastrophe at the famous carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, she was in severe condition in intensive care and even had one of her legs amputated.

On the first night of the carnival, Raquel is said to have abandoned her mother and climbed aboard a float exiting the Sambadrome parade area.

However, she is said to have collapsed and been trapped between a pole and a float from the Em Cima da Hora samba school.

The Civil Police (Brazil’s investigative police force) is presently reviewing CCTV footage from the incident as part of their investigation into charges of homicide and whether or not the samba school violated safety laws.

The LIGA RJ (carnival league) and Em Cima da Hora (in the nick of time) have expressed grief over little Raquel’s tragic demise.

They have, however, been chastised for allegedly failing to respond to charges of a lack of care for Raquel’s bereaved family.

The tragedy has left the family desolate and devastated, particularly mother Marcela Portelinha Antunes, who is three months pregnant.

The municipal government of Rio de Janeiro stated it had provided basic food baskets, as well as social workers and psychologists.

The Rio Carnival

This year’s Rio carnival began on Wednesday and will culminate on Saturday, with hundreds of colorful floats and performers participating.

Brazil holds first carnival since Covid-19 - Red Hot Singapore

The celebrations are usually conducted before Lent, but this year they were postponed due to the continuing Covid-19 pandemic.

The carnival is being held for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic.

Rio de Janeiro’s yearly Mardi Gras celebrations are part of a world-famous carnival.

It is regarded as the world’s largest carnival and a time of exuberant excess.

The city’s streets are thronged with roving percussion bands and dancing, drinking revelers.

And the flats at the carnival are fiercely contested by people attending the celebrations.


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