G Flip’s Songs: List of All the Songs of G Flip

G Flip

G Flip debuted About You on triple j Unearthed in February 2018, a song about a girlfriend’s breakup composed a year before.

The story is well-known from here. She began appearing on local curation-based music media later that day, followed by triple j airplay, a coveted (and absolutely head-spinning) Best New Music award from Pitchfork, and appearances on major worldwide media from Rolling Stone to NPR.

A few weeks later, she performed at SXSW in Austin – eight times, to be exact – and swiftly found herself in the lineups of everything from Splendour In The Grass to Lollapalooza, her glow-up of a head-spinning pace not slowing down.

About Us is G Flip sharing her tale in a way that glossy newspaper pieces can’t. It spans ten tracks of passionate pop songwriting and rollercoastering love.

It tells the story of her on-again, off-again relationship with her girlfriend – “We argued and were really insane. “We’re both creative, elaborate, and dramatic,”

she admits, describing everything from the pressures of being thrust into the international spotlight to the extremely private and heartfelt Bring Me Home, “the only song on the record that doesn’t directly deal with the relationship.

“She began seeing a therapist and canceling commitments to try to clear her thoughts after suffering panic episodes while driving.

List of All the Songs of G Flip

1. Lover


2. I Am Not Afraid


3. Drink Too Much


4. Morning


5. Waking Up Tomorrow


6. Stupid


7. Killing My Time


8. Bring Me Home


9. About You


10. 2 Million

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