Age: 21 yr
Height: 5-11
Weight: 160 lbs
Hits/Throws: R/R
Acquired: 2016 IFA
RuleV: On 40-Man Roster


Physical Description

There isn’t a lot of heft in this body, but it is quick-twitch and athletic. Additional muscle and mass may be advantageous.


Closed stance with base broader than shoulder width. Lots of bowed knees and inward-facing. Hands rest on the shoulder, barrel tilts behind his back, and moves up and down every few seconds.

Big leg kick before approaching pitcher. Swings with his weight towards first base. A bat route with front leg lockout.

Bat speed. To compensate for his front leg lockout, he smacks practically every ground ball to the pull side.

His weight falls towards the right side of the field, causing a lot of opposite field contact on line drives and fly balls.

Front leg lockout increases swing loft and power. He doesn’t take many pitches, walks, or counts. Also, he rarely strikes out and fouls off pitches.

Bat-to-ball timing and ability. His swing mechanics aren’t excellent, but he has an incredible knack for hitting offspeed pitches. Rank:50


He does not look to be able to hit for a lot of power due to his diminutive frame. Due to quick-twitch muscles and an upward swing plane, he possesses some surprising pop.

In the minor leagues, above-average exit velocity. He does not project to hit 20 home runs, but he can hit a home run now and then.

Gap-to-gap power is a term that refers to the ability to bridge a gap between two points. Rank: 40


Fielding abilities behind the plate are aided by athleticism. The use of one-knee catching aids in the framing of pitches.

Captures the ball and brings it into the zone. Receiver and framer of average quality. Because of his athleticism, he is good at blocking pitches.

He has the potential to be an average big league backstop. Rank:50


There isn’t a lot of arm strength. Fast transfers are aided by above-average footwork behind the plate, which compensates for a lack of arm power.

Average pop times are created by accurate throws and strong footwork. Rank:45


Out of the box, he hustles to the base. Despite his athleticism, he lacks in speed. More than top speed, athleticism helps with agility. Legs short. Rank:40


Many analysts are quite optimistic about Moreno’s prospects. He’s a competent defender who excels at bat-to-ball contact.

He’s also added more power to his swing with greater strength and loft, all while maintaining contact rates.

His strength in making contact is offset by his inability to chase pitches and not draw walks. Although there is a low risk, there is a low ceiling.

His contact may decrease as he progresses through the stages, but it is usually a skill that lasts. I’d put him in that category if his OFP was between 45 and 50. Because that isn’t conceivable, he gets a 50.


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